Thrive With Us

Does going to the gym intimidate you?



Have you ever walked into the gym and had no idea where to even start? 

I have. 

Have you ever looked at all the different nutrition options and it just confused the hell out of you even more? 

Don’t worry Ive been there too. 

Most of us experience these at both some points in our health and fitness journey. 

Too often we look to a friend, family member or even a fellow gym-goer for advice or even their plan only to realize what training and nutrition I require for my body type and goals are completely different from everyone else! 

ERND was created to help educate men and women just like you of all fitness levels, on how to effectively train and nourish your body with individualized exercise and nutrition. 

If you have a topic you want us to discuss, any questions you just can’t find the answers for please let us know because we want to help! 

After all, you only get one. 

Let us educate your body!